Cove Skinny Silk Scarf
Cove Skinny Silk Scarf

Cove Skinny Silk Scarf

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Kate created this Design from a collection of paintings from the Lake District. Drawing on location at Grange over Sands Promenade looking out to Morecambe Bay.
These paintings are then created in Kates studio,
surrounding herself with the drawings, mark-making and her own colour analysis the paintings evolve through Kates expressive style. Absorbing the surrounding elements, the weather and atmosphere it changes the mood within her collections.

Cove's design highlights the pink Kate chose to bring the landscape to life. Patching together tonal sections from the collection of paintings Kate wanted a cohesive colour story to create a fluidity to the design.

Composition and Size: Our Skinny scarves are Printed onto 100% silk, size H 210cm W 10cm, Double-faced with a tapered end.

As seen on this season's trend forecasts this size of Scarf is super versatile and your new fashion must-have.
With multiple ways to wear, each highlighting new areas of Kate's design, they can be used in many different ways. Tie around your neck, in your hair or wear as a belt.