Artist and textile designer Kate Morrison creates paintings and designs that evoke her response to her surroundings. Currently working between the Lake District and London where she is working with top end textile ateliers and designers, she is enjoying the juxtaposition the two life styles give her.

Her body of work explores how she processes the world around her through photography, mark-making, abstraction and making wearable art. Finding herself in one place for a longer than usual time, Kate used the self-isolation of lockdown 2020 to observe and reflect on her interaction with the landscape, literally within a running distance from her front door, and is still using this method today.

Kate draws and paints her thoughts, transferring them into pigments and a tactile sense of colour in the warp and weft she weaves into her textiles, large scale artworks and expressive prints. 

Colour and texture are key to her work as she dives into making specific tones and hues that evoke her response to place or event, be it an epic viewpoint, a thunderous sky reflected in a body of water or a tiny architectural detail that people walk by every day.
Her work is imbued with an emotional, and deeply layered, sense of place.

"My work abstracts and documents my experience of the world around me. Wandering down a London street, discovering the Australian bush or New Zealand volcano, commuting through a graffiti-strewn Salford or running along a winding path across a Cumbrian fell; my works are an intuitive reaction, documenting my emotional journeys through life."


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